should we cancel our summer holiday?

Should we cancel our summer holiday – and have you cancelled your summer plans yet?

The stupid coronavirus has put paid to many our travel plans for this year, as I’m sure it has for millions of families like ours.

It goes without saying that OF COURSE the most important thing is to be safe and healthy. And that there are fates far worse than missing a summer holiday that people are dealing with right now. A holiday is not a terrible thing to lose, all things considered.

But I’m not one of those people that buys into the idea that just because you could have been set on fire by an angry mob, you can’t complain that your sprained ankle hurts a bit.

So yes, it definitely was a shame that we missed our Easter trip to Barcelona. And will probably need to wait a loooooong time before Ryanair decides to give us a refund. And it’s a shame that we’ve had to cancel our May half-term trip to Italy. Along with a weekend trip to London to see a musical that I’d been wanting to see for ages (Dear Evan Hansen).

Should we cancel our summer holiday – Pros and Cons

But what I can’t decide is should we cancel our summer holiday – or wait and see what happens? At the moment we have a holiday booked to California for four weeks in July/August.

The plan is to fly out to Los Angeles, and then spend a few weeks travelling up the coast, to Carmel, then Lake Tahoe, and then head back down towards Orange County and the surf beaches of Southern California.

Our accommodation has been arranged via our membership of, which means we’ve barely paid a penny – people will be staying in our home for two of the weeks we’re away, and the points we earn from that have covered bookings in America. The balance on the British Airways booking will be due in June, and I can’t decide what to do.

Should we cancel our summer holiday and try to rearrange for later in the year? Or should we sit tight and hope that the world is back on its right axis by July?

summer holiday cancellation tips

If we cancel now, we’ll lose around £1,000 that we’ve already paid towards the booking. There’s no guarantee BA will let us just move the booking to later in the year, without additional fees we may not be able to afford right now. If we go on holiday in October, we’ll only be able to go for two weeks, rather than four. And who doesn’t want something to look forward to right now? There’s great advice at the moment from Martin Lewis on this.

So yes, it makes some sense to sit tight and go in July, if we possibly can.

On the other hand, if we sit tight and wait, and Trump’s handling of the virus is as bad as it appears to be, BA might cancel for us. In that case we should get a refund, and we could book something else for later in the year with the money we get back.

By then hopefully the world is calmer, and we are financially more stable. As a self-employed company director, my income has dropped by around 90 to 95% during lockdown, and I’m not eligible for any financial support unless I want to take out a loan (which I don’t).

So it makes a lot of sense to plan a trip later in the year, or perhaps even next year?

I would honestly love to know what you guys are doing about this – are you still planning to go away this summer? Have you thought about cancelling or rescheduling your plans?

In the meantime, I’ve been indulging myself by using our free time to finally edit some of the travel videos I had locked away in iCloud. So at least if I have to cancel our summer holiday, I can relive some of our favourite holiday memories from the last couple of years.

How about you: are you thinking of cancelling summer holidays, or waiting to see what happens? 




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