Things you Think when your 9 year old is on a Ski Trip


I wonder what time it is?

I wonder what time it is in Switzerland?

They had a late night last night with that movie night the headmistress Tweeted a photo of.

It’s so cute they were all on the floor with their duvets and pillows.

Didn’t look very comfortable, mind.

My feet would have been cold.

I wonder how cold it is there now?

I bet it’s cold.

I should Google it.

Ooh, while I’m here I should Google how many avalanches there are each year there.

I probably shouldn’t have Googled that.

I wonder if the head-teacher has Tweeted yet today?

Ooh, she has Tweeted.

She’s Tweeted a photo! Score!

I can’t see Flea in this photo. Why can’t I see Flea in this photo? She’s probably in hospital, or something.

She could easily have fallen over and broken a leg. People do that all the time skiing.

Head injuries. Don’t think about head injuries. Don’t think about.. oh, bollocks.

Now I can’t stop thinking about head injuries.

Thinking happy thoughts. Thinking happy thoughts.

Hot chocolate. Snowball fights. Sledges. Rolling down hills.

Happy, happy, happy.

I hope someone gave her a hug if she fell over.

She’s so tiny when I hug her.


I miss hugging her.

I really miss hugging her.

I should check my phone again.

No text messages. Phew.

Although I bet there’s no mobile signal on the mountain.

If there was an accident they’d not be able to text until they got to a hospital.

I really should try and slow my breathing down.

Happy thoughts.

Happy, happy.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Look, they’re all having a marvellous, happy time in this photo.

And I think that’s Flea.

This photo is very small.

Maybe if I enlarge it in Preview I’ll be able to see if she looks happy.

She doesn’t look happy.

I mean, mostly she looks like a pixelated mutant, but I can’t see her smiling.

That almost definitely means it’s possible she’s been crying.

Oh, God, what if she has been crying?

I can’t remember if she took her teddy with her.

Don’t be stupid, she’s having a great time, with her friends.

Where are her friends?

Oh, there they are. They look REALLY happy.

Why isn’t Flea standing with them? There are like FIVE people in between her and her best friend.

What if they’ve fallen out? Are the other kids leaving her out of things?

I bet that’s why she was crying.

Stupid friends.

I hate them.

Is it Saturday yet?

Remind me why I thought this was a good idea, again?


21 thoughts on “Things you Think when your 9 year old is on a Ski Trip”

  1. It’s a brilliant idea and she will love you for ever for letting her go, remember it for the rest of her life (for the right reasons) and she will be one of the cool girls when she’s an adult and skiing with her friends who will be starting on the nursery slopes and she’ll be off on the posh ones. Not that I envy you right now, mind. Go finish her bedroom?

  2. This made me giggle, and nod with understanding, and smile. Then I felt bad about smiling because this is how you feel.
    And then I starting thinking…. We went to school yesterday to be told about his residential trip in July, and it’s only overnight, and it’s only an hour away… But he is 7.
    I’ve decided not to think. It’s the only way!

    1. I’m so pleased it’s not just me – Flea did her first residential trip away at 7, I think but I was there as a scout leader – then a PGL trip when she was 8. They’re all big milestones and it’s tough in lots of ways.

  3. O wow … What a true depiction of feelings of a mom when your kid is away… Don’t worry… She would be perfectly fine and enjoying with her friends..Sometimes you have to let your kids fulfil their wishes, although it makes you worried and sad

  4. This has made me laugh a bit, your imagination is endless! She is fine, and will be fine, but also understand you are worried. Skiing is fabulous, and Czech kids go on ski trips every winter if they parents can afford. I do not think my parents were ever worried about me like this. Just a few more days and you will be cuddling her x

  5. 3 sleeps, Sally, 3 sleeps… I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Crazy what goes on in your head when you worry about your baby, isn’t it?

  6. I hope the next few days pass quickly for you and she comes home with stories of laughs, memories and no crying – unless it’s from laughing! x

  7. Stop worrying! (Says the woman who now NEVER wants her children to grow up and go on a school trip. Ever.)

    I wonder if any of this gets easier though? Will it be this hard when she goes on her next trip? Because you will let her go again won’t you… ? Think of all the furniture you could build!

  8. Only a mum could write a post like this or is that sexist? Anyway I think you are amazing to let her go on such an adventure. I was a wreck when my daughter went away to Derbyshire! You know that I think you are the most amazing mum.

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