It’s been a long week.

Life took an unexpected turn, as it does, and I ended up flat out at work, and then two blogs (including this one) got hacked and I’ve been up to my ears in clients, and developers, and hosts and to be brutally honest, the last thing I needed was a child at home to entertain, when I was tied to my computer for 16 hours a day.

I’m not complaining. Not much, anyway.

I know, that for every week that looks like this, there’s a week where we’re surfing in california, or clambering over rocks at the river at Bolton Abbey, or watching movies, and having a blast, generally.

But this week definitely leaned towards ‘fail’ in the parenting stakes.

Parenting achievements this week have included…

The day I served sandwiches for three meals in a row.

The day I bribed my child with £10 to walk the dog.

The day I invited over one of Flea’s friends and sent them to the park, while I semi-stalked them using my iPhone.

The day I bribed my child to go to the shop and buy a giant packet of biscuits and a six pack of Diet Coke by handing her a tenner and saying, “Take your bike, and you can keep the change.” 

The day I let my child watch six episodes of ER in a row. Well, it’s sort of educational, right?

The day my child brought me my laptop and said, “How about if you sit next to me on the sofa and you can still work but we’ll be together…” 

And all the while, social media is taunting me with happy families enjoying wholesome outdoor activities and cooking and crafting, and they’re all so hashtag blessed about it that I sort of secretly want to punch them in the face. Just a bit.


It’s back to school tomorrow.

And for once, I can’t wait!

Hashtag sorry-not-sorry.