The Longest Day


My Mum is brilliant and we get on very well, but we do have one or two fundamental differences. Like our approach to shopping.

My Mum loves spending days browsing through shops, stopping for coffee breaks, trying things on, and coming home with dozens of bags. I buy jeans in multiples of three, mostly from Gap or M&S, and own 12 pairs of Converse boots, in various colours, along with 6 black t-shirts, 6 white t-shirts and 6 grey t-shirts.

Today, me and my Mum went shopping together. I made the mistake of mentioning that some of the finalists in the MAD Blog Awards were dressing up in frocks provided by TK Maxx and John Lewis, and she insisted on buying me an outfit.

Some things I said today:

Converse SO can be dressy. You know they make sparkly ones?

Jeans ARE practical. I might need to do a lot of bending, or something.

I don’t need a handbag. I have pockets.

Alright, I’ll try it on if you promise to buy me coffee.

Tell me honestly what you think.

Okay, tell me a bit less honestly than that.

Really? I have some grey hairs? Thanks.

No, I’m not offended at all.

No, I’m really not.

See that horrible Granny top over there? That’d suit you, that would.


Things my Mum said today:

No, you can’t wear Converse to an awards ceremony. No, not even sparkly ones.

Well, I think chunky jewellery is perfectly acceptable, I don't know why you're laughing. 

Here, try this. It is NOT hideous.

Don’t dismiss it until you’ve tried it on.

Hmm. It looked really lovely on the hanger but not so much now you’re wearing it.

I meant that in a nice way.  

Well, maybe it will look better in daylight.

Do you actually own any accessories?

Yes, actually, I am really enjoying myself. 


It was a character-building exercise for both of us, and a compromise outfit was reached. Crucially Mum took her defeat in the accessories conversation pretty well, and I accepted that, okay, I might consider not wearing my new grey Converse, even though they're incredibly comfortable. 

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