Image: Foreversouls/Flikr  We were in the car driving through Windermere yesterday when Flea suddenly shouted: "Look Mummy, that lady looks just like you!"

I wasn't really paying attention – I was far too excited at just having seen the sign for a real life Lakeland Limited store – so I just murmured, "Really darling? Which lady?"

"That one in the brown coat," Flea replied, pointing to a grey-haired, 75-year-old wearing a quilted beige jacket and – I kid you not – a pair of beige slacks. SLACKS! 

"Oh. Do you think she looks like me?" I said, using my best Mummy-isn't-having a-breakdown-she's-just-very-interested voice.

"Well..not exactly…." she started.

Phew, she's going to realise now that I'm only 34 and half a dozen grey hairs is nothing to write home about. Also – I never wear beige. Or slacks.

"That lady has glasses. But everything else is a lot like you."

Sometimes? I really hate kids.