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funny stories about 4 year olds

Another day, another of my funny stories about four year olds. One of our favourite things to do when Flea isn’t at nursery is to head up to the Lake District. We really love spending the day at Brockhole. There is a big adventure playground, lots of tables for a picnic and we sometimes take the boat over to Ambleside and have an ice cream. It’s a lovely day out.

But now? Brockhole will always remind me of this story:

We were in the car driving through Windermere yesterday when Flea suddenly shouted: “Look Mummy, that lady looks just like you!

I wasn’t really paying attention. It was busy with traffic and I was far too excited at just having seen the sign for a real life Lakeland Limited store. So I just murmured, “Really darling? Which lady?

“That one in the brown coat,” Flea replied.

I looked around and was horrified to realise my beloved child was pointing to a grey-haired, 75-year-old wearing a quilted beige jacket and – I kid you not – a pair of beige slacks. SLACKS! She was using a walking aid. A walking aid!

Surely some mistake.

“Oh. Do you think she looks like me?” I said, using my best Mummy-isn’t-having a-breakdown-she’s-just-very-interested voice.

Well..not exactly….” Flea started.

Phew, she’s going to realise now that I’m only 34 and half a dozen grey hairs is nothing to write home about. Also – I never wear beige. Or slacks. And I don’t think I bend over when I walk. No offence to the lady in question, of course.

Flea continued:

That lady has glasses. But everything else is a lot like you.”

Sometimes? I really hate kids.

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