The Whittle Family Christmas

For us, Christmas is all about family, food, and spending time together playing ridiculously competitive games (Bop It was put away before it got nasty, but I’m not sure Charades was any better).

Despite the death stares over who missed the Bop It high score when they twisted it instead of pulled it, it’s been a lovely few days. It's always bittersweet at Christmas because you remember people who should be at the table but aren't, but it's nice because you're reminded to cherish the people who are there all the more, don't you? 

Some favourite moments from this Christmas:

  Christmas 1
This year, we let Flea take charge of decorating the Christmas tree. She chose multi-coloured lights (we buy new every year, anything else is insanity, in my book) and put pretty much every decoration we own on there. I think it looks awesome.

Christmas 2
When Flea woke up, at my parents’ house, at 8.30 on Christmas morning, she begged to go and have a peek downstairs (we open presents after breakfast). She returned looking about as sad as it’s possible for a small child to look because, “Something mysterious has happened and there are no presents under the tree”.  

As it happened, my parents have a small tree so all the gifts were around the chimney, but Flea hadn’t seen them. Still, she said, bravely: “My stocking is very full, so I still have a lot of wonderful presents, don’t I?” This may have made me sniff, just a little bit.

  Christmas 3
Fast forward two hours and here’s Flea in a bag of presents bigger than her own body. She was quite relieved that her presents weren’t limited to a Chocolate Orange, a book token, and some Dr Who mini-figures.

Christmas 4
Christmas lunch was a dignified, calm affair. Not. But my Mum did a sterling job cooking up a wonderful dinner for everyone, and I didn’t have to cook a thing. Result.

Christmas 5

Mostly, it is just really nice to have a break from work, and spend quality time with my family, who are all every bit as dignified and normal as me and Flea. Cough.  

Merry Christmas!


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