Things I have learned this week.

Life’s a journey.

You never stop learning new things.

Well, I don’t.

For example, this week alone I have learned that:

  • If you put a bra in the tumble drier the wire might come out and you might only realise that when the expensive repair engineer pulls it out of the back of your (broken) machine and holds it in front of you while lecturing you about ALWAYS putting bras into a pillow case before putting them into the washer or drier.
  • The day you send someone an email after months of dithering, FINALLY telling them how you feel about something is the day you’ll type the wrong email address into Outlook.
  • If you ask your child to fetch something from the car in the evening, there’s a good chance she won’t close the car door properly and the car battery will run down.
  • If you get the mechanic to move the car to your own garage where you can plug it into your own charger, you may in fact find the fuse has blown on your charger. And it won’t work.
  • If you celebrate like a giddy schoolgirl because there’s a spare fuse in the back of the charger, THAT is the day you will promptly drop the new fuse into the car engine, where it will be lost for all time.
  • Letting your child do her homework in the car on the way to school – once your car is finally fixed – is frowned upon in certain circles.
  • If you do the school run wearing a slightly crumpled hoody and a pair of cropped tracksuit trousers in anticipation of going to the gym (I’m lying, obviously – I just dressed like a slob today) then THAT is the day your child will realise halfway to school that she’s got someone else’s school bag, and you’ll have to go into the office to resolve the issue. The office where all the staff are having an early morning coffee. This will not be the highlight of your day.


Is it Friday yet?

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