This is now an award-nominated blog.

In the past, you may have got away with leaving comments on my blog that were less than excellent.

I regret to inform you, such sub-par engagement will no longer be tolerated, for Who's the Mummy is now an AWARD nominated blog. Oh, yes, I've been shortlisted for an award in the 'Best Blogger' category.

I am tremendously excited. The awards have been covered in proper, serious newspapers like the Guardian and the Telegraph.

I should probably mention that the awards are called The CRAPPs. They're a light-hearted opportunity to poke fun at people, and I thoroughly applaud this, and shall therefore be voting for my ex-husband in the 'grumpy' category until I develop RSI in my mouse finger. 

I am nominated alongside some actual, proper media bloggers like Wadds and Adam  who actually write grown-up things about the PR industry and don't rely on stupid stories about getting beaten up by a vacuum cleaner, or baking rubbish cakes. Really. Do we want to encourage THAT kind of behaviour in blogging?

I think not.

My campaign slogan is: Vote Sally, She's CRAPPer than all these other bloggers.

I think it's got a ring to it, don't you?



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