Tis a tough life.

I’ll start this post by pointing out that I’ve had a SHOCKING few days.

On top of the loss of the man jumper and inadvertent flirting with my neighbour, there was an unfortunate incident last night at the car park.

Driving out of the car park, I was about to put my ticket into the barrier when there was an unfortunate gust of wind. Without going into the unpleasant details, there was a long queue of drivers behind me at the barrier who honestly, couldn’t have been nicer about it*.

There was hurried scrambling out of the car, followed by undignified racing after a small piece of paper in the wind and rain. The words, “Don’t drive off, I think it’s under your front wheel!” may have been uttered. And why do these things always happen when you’re wearing light-coloured trousers?

Not a high point of my week, to say the least.

Although this was probably topped by having a super fun conversation with my well-meaning ex about how some people might consider him changing my bed linen to be helpful, but other people might consider it to be the behaviour of a fully-fledged weirdo stalker. And I’m one of the other people.

And let’s not even get into the row I’m embroiled in with a local activity group over whose fault it is that they left my child wandering, barefoot, in a car park in the middle of winter (Mine, obviously. I was 4 minutes late. What else did I expect?) 


So thank goodness for Booths, who we’re working with over at Foodies100 on a new project – BoothsCheers.

Simply put – every Wednesday at 7pm we’ll be tasting some of the wines and beers that are available on special offer at Booths stores in the run-up to Christmas.

This week, we’re tasting Emiliana red and white wine, and Budweiser Budvar beer. Booths are inviting bloggers to share their thoughts on the beverages on Twitter and Instagram using the #BoothsCheers hashtag, and the best tipsters will be invited to join our VIP tasting club next week, which means being sent your own box of drinks to taste.

And that’s not all – bloggers participating in the #BoothsCheers event every Wednesday at 7pm also have the chance to win a fab hamper of Christmas goodies from Booths for sharing the very best recipes, tips and ideas during #BoothsCheers over the coming weeks. Details over on the Tots100 and Foodies100 websites.

Now – the only question is – can I hang on until 7pm before cracking open the corkscrew? 



* This is obviously a total lie.  


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