Top of the Tots 2010: Top 10 Most Popular British Parent Blogs

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2010 tots
Today we're continuing our look at the top parent bloggers of 2010 with a rundown of the Top 10 Most Popular  British Parent Blogs of 2010. If you missed our results from earlier in the week, you can still catch up with the Top 10 Parent Bloggers on Twitter and the Top 10 Most Engaging Parent Bloggers of 2010.

What do we mean by popular?

Well, here we're looking at how many people read a blog. As the tots100 only uses publicly available data, we don't rely on tools that estimate a site's traffic – instead we look at the number of people reading a blog's RSS feed. Although only a proportion of readers use RSS to read blogs, that proportion is fairly steady across different blogs, so it enables us to compare the relative popularity of different sites.

Once again, this is based on data from January 2010 to December 2010, and reflects performance across the whole year.


Rank Blog Score
1 Attic 24 326
2 Indie Tutes 149
3 Crystal Jigsaw 149
4 Single Parent Dad 79
5 Yet Another Blooming Blog 77
6 The Bottom of the Ironing Basket 76
7 3 Bedroom Bungalow 48
8 Mary Poppins 43
9 Sticky Fingers 41
10 Mommy has a Headache 39

Come back tomorrow for the Top 10 Most Influential Parent Blogs of 2010!

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