Welcome to Who’s the Mummy?

Flea1 Welcome to my new blog, all about me and my fantastic, feisty (nearly) four-year-old, Flea.

I could do a long introduction to our life, but some of you might know me from my previous blogging at Getting Ink or Totsy’s Place. Besides, you’ll pick up the important stuff as we go along.

I thought it would be far more useful to start with an inspired-by-Facebook list that will subtly reveal my personality. So here are five random true facts about Who’s the Mummy?

  1. Despite being 34, I have never owned an iron, ironing board or sewing kit. Seriously, life’s too short.
  2. I don’t think television gets any better than The Gilmore Girls – although True Blood comes close.
  3. I live in England’s whitest, straightest town. Many of my neighbours seem to find this an advantage, but I find it a bit spooky, really. I wonder if there’s a shed at the back of the Conservative Club where they keep all the gays, ethnic minorities and socialists.
  4. I know people like to moan about their jobs, but mine (journalism) is fantastic. It’s just the clients that are a nightmare.
  5. I once dated someone who had four nipples. I know this isn’t strictly speaking a fact about me, but I still consider it was worth sharing.

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