What to get a 13 Year Old Girl for her Birthday

what to get a 13 year old for her birthdayWhat to get a 13 year old girl for her birthday is – honestly – a difficult question.

At the grand old age of 13, nobody wants to be treated like a child.

This means you can’t buy anything that might be considered to be a toy. Definitely you can’t get anything specifically designed “for children”.

At the same time, parents can’t buy clothes because we are OLD and TRAGIC. We cannot possibly be trusted to go and buy clothes.

What to get a 13 Year Old Girl for her Birthday

When it came to Flea’s 13th birthday, we thought long and hard. I think we came up with some of the best present ideas for 13 year old girls… EVER.

A Video Message from Draco Malfoy

Flea’s favourite birthday present this year was a video message from Draco Malfoy himself. I believe in Muggle life, he goes by the name of Tom Felton and he seems like a thoroughly lovely chap.

Honestly, this was a bit of a punt because I thought it was so random that it could go either way. But Flea LOVED it. Check out our 90 second video below. I have been instructed not to show the entire clip, which features screaming and hugging.

I sort of want to keep it a secret how I managed this. That’s because Flea currently thinks I’m basically MAGIC.

But if you want to know how to get a birthday message from a celebrity or YouTuber, drop me a comment or DM me on Instagram, and I’ll send you the link I used.


Top of Flea’s birthday wish list this year was a new pair of trainers. And so she got these – a new pair of Gucci trainers with sparkles and hearts.

best birthday presents for 13 year olds

Now, it has to be said, they were expensive. Personally, I can think of a thousand other things I would have spent that much money on aside from a pair of shoes. It’s okay if you’re judging me for spending so much money on a pair of trainers for a teenager. I get it.

But honestly, I think part of being 13 is being able to make your own choices about presents. And if an expensive pair of shoes is more exciting to you than a phone upgrade, or a new iPad mini, then who am I to argue?

Flea’s 13 and at an age when having the ‘right’ trainers is right up with oxygen in terms of importance. So – to an extent – I’m prepared to go with it.


Flea had a few necklaces from Claire’s Accessories and the Smiggle ranges. However, those are strictly child-focused ranges.  At 13, she wanted something a bit more grown-up.

She actually had a Pandora necklace on her wish-list but the family surprised her with this bracelet.

It’s the “build a bracelet” range from Pandora which lets girls choose a bracelet plus 2 charms for £99. If you’re wondering what to get a 13 year old girl for her birthday, this? Is a fabulous option.

what to get a 13 year old girl for her birthday

I think it’s a lovely starter and also means her grandparents will be able to add to it on future birthdays and special occasions.

Flea’s grandmother also got her some gorgeous rose gold jewellery and bracelets from the range at Avon. Flea’s favourites are these fab stretch bracelets that Flea can stack, layer and combine with other items.


Flea had ten friends at her birthday party and seven of them bought her make-up. So it’s fair to say that make-up is one of the best presents for 13 year old girls.

That said, make-up has moved on from when I was a girl, and we spent £4 on some eye shadow from Boots.

These days it’s all Naked eye palettes and mineral make-up. My top recommendations for affordable-ish) buys that teen girls will love:

Flea and her friends love anything Gucci, like the Gucci Bloom fragrance pen, that fits in a pencil case and is applied via a roller ball. It’s available on eBay for around £20 or if you’re travelling overseas you can get it in places like Macy’s for $30. I think these are great for school.

Kylie lip kits run from around $15 to $50 and can be bought online. Word of warning – don’t forget to factor in shipping and import costs. My final recommendation is anything from the Too Faced range. This range includes eye palettes, lip kits and a dozen other things you won’t even be able to identify with absolute certainty.

An Experience

If your teen is anything like mine, they’re overwhelmed with stuff. By the time Flea had amassed gifts from her Dad, grandparents, cousins and friends there was… a LOT.

For this reason, I often buy experience gifts for Flea. If you’re wondering what to get a 13 year old girl for her birthday if they already have ALL the make-up and clothes and jewellery, it’s worth considering.

The experience can be anything!

Although it was a Christmas rather than Birthday present, I recently bought Flea an off-road Range Rover driving lesson, that she’s going to share with a friend in September. And her recent tickets to see Taylor Swift were actually a birthday present last year.

Taylor Swift Etihad

In the past, I’ve also bought surf lessons, theatre tickets, and go-karting lessons. Flea’s Dad has also arranged for her to have a mani-pedi treatment with her friends at a local salon when she goes back to school.

I love experience presents because Flea can share them with her friends, AND we’re not cluttering up the house with more stuff for the sake of it.


So there you have it – my tried and tested recommendations for what to get a 13 year old girl for her birthday. I hope you found it inspiring, and if you’ve got any tips for 14th birthdays, please let me know! 

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  1. They were lovely gifts. Would you be able to send me the link to that website please? It’s a long shot, but my daughter loves Charlie Puth.

  2. Only another parent of a teen would understand the need for expensive trainers. I honestly thought it was ludicrous before I got my own teenager. PS: you are so on the nail for all the other stuff – Flea is a lucky girl to have a mum that knows all this stuff 🙂

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