Who is Who’s the Mummy?

Who’s the Mummy is the true story of me (Sally) and my fantastic daughter, Flea.
We live in Lancashire, although I often venture further afield in my work as a freelance blogger, writer and speaker. Flea hopes to be a pirate or a diver when she grows up. At the age of six, Flea has recently taken up a position in Big School. I have no idea what this involves, since any questions about the subject are met with, “I can’t remember.” 

When we’re not working or in school, we enjoy swimming, watching movies and exploring new places. Sometimes on this blog, we visit places and attend events for free – if that’s the case, I’ll make a point of saying so. 

Who’s the Mummy was ranked #1 in the Cision Top 10 Mummy Blogs in 2010, and 3rd in 2011. This blog was recently named one of the 50 most influential in the UK, and regularly ranks in the top 10 UK Mummy blogs. I have around 1,000 followers on Facebook and 6,000 on Twitter


When I am not blogging here, you can also find me: 

  • Publishing the Tots100 index of the UK’s top 100 Mummy Bloggers, which I founded in 2009
  • Running the MAD Blog Awards for UK parent bloggers, which I founded in March 2010 
  • Organising BlogCamp, free workshops for bloggers that take place all over the UK, a new venture I launched in 2011 
  • I also regularly contribute to various UK newspapers and magazines, mostly writing about business, technology and innovation. You can find out more about this sort of thing here and here. 

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