Here’s why you need to take a day off, ladies

I know that, probably, I work too hard.

I work most days. I work most nights. I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t have enough time for my friends or my family. That’s the reality of being a single parent and self-employed.

If I don’t work, the bills don’t get paid. And there isn’t anybody else to share the work. I’m not complaining. But it makes it way too easy to forget to take a day off.

And sometimes, you need a day off. It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how, as my best friend likes to say.

So today we went to the beach.

sunset on tybee beach
I didn’t work and Flea didn’t go to school. The world didn’t end, and nobody really knew. Or cared. I should remember that more often. Do you ever fall into the trap of thinking you just CAN’T take a day off… and actually, you can. You should. You must.

We ran around like fools, and wrote messages in the sand, and built treasure chests filled with “jewels”. We found shells and pretended they were swords. We took our shoes off and felt the sand between our toes. Not for too long, mind, it was freezing cold. We ate sausages and watched the sun go down, through the drizzle, then came home and dried off in front of a fire.

take a day offIt was fun.

As I put Flea to bed tonight, she said to me, “Mummy, I had such a wonderful day.” 

So did I.

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