A Merry Little Christmas…

Christmas2 It's almost midnight on Christmas Day, and I thought if there's a day when you're allowed to post something shamelessly sentimental on your blog, this would be that day.

Flea and I have had a great Christmas so far, and as I put her to bed this evening, I thanked my lucky stars (again) that I have the most amazing, funny, good-natured daughter anyone could wish for. It's all down to the parenting, obviously. Cough

So here are my top 10 reasons why Flea's been the best kid EVER today:

  1. On Christmas Day, she woke up early. For Flea, that means 9.15am.
  2. When she saw there wasn’t a stocking on my bed, she said, “Mummy, would you like to share mine?” even though the gesture very nearly killed her.
  3. When we came downstairs she was thrilled by the ‘snowy’ footprints on the hearth. And when she later saw bits of ‘snow’ on my boots, she said, “Oh my goodness, Mummy, Santa must have stood on your boots!”
  4. As she opened her new Toy Story radio-controlled car she said: “Wow, I have always wanted one of these!” shortly followed by, “What is it?”
  5. When she opened a really dodgy Christmas jumper, she said: “Gosh, I bet the elves worked really hard making this, how kind of them.”
  6. Despite receiving a Wii console, a huge wooden fire engine, a couple of DVDs and assorted other goodies, her very favourite gift was a £1.99 Horrid Henry figure. 
  7. She laid the table for lunch and was so excited to have a plastic wine glass of her own that she insisted on saying, “Cheers! Merry Christmas!” after every single mouthful.
  8. When we got back from our walk this afternoon, I said she could do anything she wanted, and she asked me to snuggle on the sofa under a blanket and read a story to her and Horrid Henry.
  9. I fell asleep on the sofa at the end of the day (I’m on strong painkillers that make me REALLY drowsy, so I have an excuse that’s not related to drinking too much Prosecco. Well, not entirely) When I woke up, Flea was playing quietly on the floor. She looked up and said, “S’okay Mummy. You didn’t snore.”
  10. Did I mention that she woke up at 9.15am?

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