Explaining Things at 3am isn’t Easy

Somewhere around 3am this morning, I was woken by Flea shouting “Muuuumeeeee” at the top of her voice. She rarely wakes in the night so I tend to go to her quite quickly, assuming there’s a good reason for her calling me.

Groggily, I pulled myself out of bed, muttering, “OhMyGod, it’s so c-c-c-c-c-cold” and went into Flea’s room.

What is it darling?

Mummy? If it’s the Christmas Holidays, why haven’t we been on holiday yet?

Explaining things to children isn’t easy.

I’m sure there are lots of things I could have said that could have explained this issue to her. None of them occured to me at 3am. Instead, I said: “Go to sleep, or I will put you out with the recycling tomorrow and the bin men will make you into a cardboard box.” 

I fear this response may not go down in the annals of positive parenting.

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