Best Box Sets on Sky TV 2021

best box sets on sky TV 2021

What are the best box sets on Sky TV right now?

It’s official. The world is a hot mess. Politics is more interesting than it has any right to be. The weather is … insane. There is a pandemic and we’re all working from home and how do we even begin to relax?

The answer, friends, is simple. Box sets.

If you ask me, this is prime box set watching season. It’s raining outside. We’re all broke. Also, approximately three quarters of the world are still about to go into lockdown.

Luckily, it’s also the time of year when some of the best box sets on Sky become available. If you’re a Sky TV customer then you’ll know the brilliance that is Sky Box Sets. It’s a free archive of hundreds of box sets, available to stream for free, with the click of a button.

I’ve also included a few of the best box sets on Sky TV in 2022, including On Demand and in Sky Store. For other box set recommendations, check out my round-ups of new box sets to stream in 2023. I haven’t included Downton Abbey in this list.

So dive in to discover my favourite new shows and the best box sets on Sky TV for 2022. Whatever mood you’re in, something here should suit! Just remember that box sets do tend to come and go at different points in the year so if you see a favourite, download it!

Manifest S1-2

All episodes of the second season of Manifest are now available on Sky TV. This is the story of a bunch of people who got on a plane and disappeared – only to land, seven years later, not realising that time had passed. Only some of the passengers start hearing mysterious voices.

It’s a little bit Lost but I’m intrigued enough to know how it’s going to end to have stuck with this for two seasons, and I’m determined to know how it all resolves!

Sky box Sets 2020

Six Feet Under S1-6

I remember when this show first aired in the UK. We were all a bit shocked and amazed at its dark humour and smart writing. Almost 20 years later, it still holds up, and makes for a brilliant watch. Is it dark? Yes. But not really depressing, weirdly enough. It’s actually quite funny and heartwarming.

In case you missed it, Six Feet Under is the story of a family of undertakers. Each show features a cameo character coming to a gruesome end. But really it’s a show about family bonds, grief, and sexuality. Clear a weekend, and dive right in on Sky Box Sets.

best box sets on sky 2018 peep show

Peep Show S1-9

Oh my goodness, I’d forgotten how completely not family-friendly this show is until my 12-year-old walked in mid-episode. Needless to say, I was mortified with embarrassment within 20 seconds. Did that ever happen to you?

It’s raucous and awkward and very funny. Although I’m female, I think everyone can relate to Mark and his deep-rooted ability to say the utterly wrong thing at any given moment. It’s available free right now on Sky Box Sets.

Side note: do you have a favourite Peep Show moment? I think mine is when Mark says, ““It’s fine. Luckily we’re all English so no-one’s going to ask any questions. Thank you, centuries of emotional repression!”

Quoted frequently in our house.

madam secretary

Madam Secretary, S1-3

Once you get past how distracting beautiful Tea Leone still is (it’s unnerving), you’ll find Madam Secretary an involving watch. This show is a mix between Good Wife and West Wing, and almost as good as those shows. It’s available free on Sky Box Sets.

The story revolves around Elizabeth (Leone), who becomes Secretary of State and has to move to Washington with her family and take on all sorts of international intrigue. There’s plenty of action and some decent twists, and it’s lovely to see a show with a female lead that isn’t based around, “Ooh, a woman with a big job. How does her husband feel about THAT?” 

The first season is spectacular and the quality of the writing and how absorbing it is? *chefs kiss*


A slightly less serious take on a woman in politics – but no less brilliant – is VEEP. This is the story of a female vice-president who is promoted into the job and has to manage chaos and inept politicians. It’s a US adaption of The Thick of It and works really well, offering a slightly warmer, less brutal sort of comedy. This is perfect for short, simple episodes when you’re not feeling up to concentrating for a full hour. Soothing, funny and just what we all need, right?

discovery of witches box set sky TV

Discovery of Witches S1-3

Are you a sucker for a paranormal romance? If so, this is the box set binge for you. While studying at an Oxford library, a witch discovers an ancient manuscript that is filled with secret messages. AS you do. This would be exciting enough, except there’s also a vampire in town who would like to get his hands on it.

The book version of Discovery of Witches is a bit of a phenomenon, and now it’s been made into a TV show that’s showing on Sky One this month. If it’s anything like the books, it’s a bit Twilight, a bit Pride and Prejudice, and maybe a touch Dark Materials. I can’t WAIT, and it’s available to watch on Sky Box Sets now.

The Good Doctor Sky TV

The Good Doctor, S1-4

I used to absolutely adore House. The news that a brand new show was emerging from the same team was pretty exciting. And The Good Doctor totally lived up to my expectations.

Freddie Highmore plays a young man with autism, who moves to the big city to a specialist hospital. It’s Grey’s Anatomy with a more interesting lead character (sorry, Meredith) and enough schmaltz to make it a perfect Sunday afternoon watch. I love that autism is discussed here as being challenging but also having many positive aspects. It’s autism that allows the doctor to approach patients and problems in a totally different way to his colleagues. But other aspects of the story are really sad, and moving.

If you don’t want to reach in and give Shaun a hug at least once an episode, you’re reading the wrong website, friends. The first 12 episodes are on On Demand now if you want to catch up.

blackish sky tv top box sets

Black-ish S1-3

First and foremost, Blackish is a family comedy. A really, really funny family comedy. It’s about a black family, but I feel like talking about the show as if it’s only about race misses the point. If you love Modern Family, you’ll love this show EVEN more. Promise.

My favourite character is the snarky pre-teen daughter but I also love the Mum in this show, because she’s smart and strong but also a bit goofy.

Although the show isn’t only about race, of course there are aspects of the show that really bring home black culture, black traditions and some of the tropes about black family – even if just to challenge them. There are some interesting conversations raised during this show, and as a Mum, I find it a great way to open conversations in our family. The episode about police brutality is a particularly excellent piece of writing.

It’s about how to talk to kids about racial inequality and institutionalised racism – but it’s STILL funny. You should absolutely, 100 percent be watching this show.

big little lies sky TV box sets

Big Little Lies S1-2

I’ve written before about how much I love Big Little Lies. I’ve watched it a second time since it became available on Sky, and I love it just as much still.

Big Little Lies manages to be smart and snarky and intriguing and surprising. It’s gorgeous to look at, a visual love letter to the California coastline. But it’s the characters that stay with you. It’s not often that female characters on TV can be this complex. Reese Witherspoon’s Madeline is petty and controlling but she’s loyal and steps in to defend her friends. And I love her. So will you. Promise.

Scandal, S1-6

This is another show I’m loving watching from start to finish again on Sky. Season 1-6 are available through Sky Box Sets, and Season 7 is available through On Demand. But the earlier seasons are by far the best.

Scandal is a bit of a guilty pleasure but it’s from Shonda, so you know it’s brilliant, over-emotional, dramatic and cool. This is the story of all-round kick-ass political fixer Olivia Pope, and her clandestine affair with the President of the United States. It’s sexy and cool and has Stevie Wonder on the soundtrack. What’s not to love?

best things to watch on Sky TV

Friday Night Lights, S1-5

Now available to buy and keep via Sky Store if you don’t already watch/own this show then please imagine me jumping up and down and shaking my fist at you.


It’s probably definitely one of the best pieces of ensemble drama television of the last 20 years. If you’re not completely devoted to Coach Taylor within 2 episodes, I’ll eat my own feet. Or something.

This thoughtful, beautifully shot drama is the story of a Texas football coach and his team. It’s about family, poverty, loyalty and dreaming big. You’ll love it. Simply put it’s the best box set on Sky by about 50 miles. Or at least the length of a football field.

Derry Girls

You know those shows where every line is just… *chefs kiss* That’s Derry Girls. It’s a sitcom based in the 1980s and follows four teen girls and one lad as they navigate life in a catholic school in the middle of the Troubles. It makes for a touching, nostalgic atmosphere but it’s also just hysterical. I adore the mean nun, Sister Michael (“If anyone is feeling anxious, worried or maybe you just want a chat, please, please do not come crying to me”) and the whole show is just a delight, I promise.


So those are my picks for the best box sets on Sky TV so far in 2022. Let em know yours in the comments!  (I receive free Sky TV for the purposes of occasional reviews, but I only tell you about shows I know you’re going to LOVE!) 


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