Best TV shows for Self-Care: Stress-Free Viewing Guaranteed!

best tv shows for self-care

Looking for the very best TV shows for self-care? You’re not alone!

It’s definitely true that self-care can be had by sinking into a good TV show. And today I wanted to share some of the best TV shows for self-care that are streaming in the UK right now.

To count as self-care, a TV show cannot be:

  • Scary
  • Emotionally draining
  • Violent
  • Too gripping
  • Too hard to think about

When you’re stressed and in need of self-care, basically, you’re going to have to avoid shows like Luther, Game of Thrones or even Greys Anatomy (why do they all die??)

What you need is some gentle escapism, that will soothe your frazzled feelings. Even though everything in the world is A LOT right now, escaping into the right TV show can help you forget all that, at least for a while. (If you ARE feeling stronger, don’t miss my round-up of the best box sets on Sky TV right now) 

Today I’m sharing my pick of the best TV shows for self-care that available to stream, when you need a little, gentle self-care.

Top Relaxing TV Shows for Self-Care

self care TV shows


Great British Bake-Off is (in my opinion) one of the best TV show for self-care. Actually, scrap that, it’s THE best.

If you’re feeling anxious what could be nicer than watching nice people making nice things, and being nice to each other? As an added bonus, it’s a balm to your troubled soul to see a diverse group of people actually – you know – getting along and being lovely to each other. Season 1-6 are on Netflix, and later seasons on Sky TV.

self-care tv

Martha Bakes

Here’s another food-themed show. I don’t know about you, but I find watching someone cook super-relaxing. I don’t know why because ACTUAL cookery is deeply stressful.

But anyway, Martha Bakes is basically Martha Stewart making things that look quite fancy, but which appear really simple to make, filling you with entirely misplaced confidence that you could totally make that apricot cheesecake. You couldn’t. Available on Netflix.

self care tv relaxing

Marie Kondo

Everyone’s obsessing about Marie Kondo right now, and why not? She’s like a lovely little joy pixie and nothing is more soothing to me than watching someone else turn chaos into calm and order. This is the show we all need right now. It’s new to Netflix.

the chefs table relaxing tv

The Chef’s Table

This original Netflix documentary series is just… perfection.

Each episode takes the story of one chef and tells it, with gorgeous photography and beautiful storytelling. It’s not pretentious or inaccessible. It’s really a series that stresses the importance of passion and family. Each chef is just a person and it’s a reminder that everyone new we meet might just have a wonderful story to share. It’s exclusive to Netflix.

Parks and Recreation

Not only does this show make me laugh a LOT, it’s a little reminder that there are good people in the world. And some of them are even (completely fictional) politicians and government workers! Hurrah!

Parks and Rec is available to stream if you are an Amazon Prime user.

gilmore girls

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is my go-to show for stressful times in my life. I’m not sure what it says that I can quote entire scenes, word for word from memory.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a small Connecticut town filled with quirky, warm-hearted characters and wicked dialogue? Where people love TV and junk food and books, and nothing bad ever REALLY happens. Rory and Jess for ever!

Available to stream on Netflix.

the office self care tv

The Office (US only)

I loved The Office when it aired in the UK but it’s definitely a watch-through-your-fingers experience. I certainly don’t re-watch episodes the way I do with US Office. What makes The Office one of the best TV shows for self-care is that it takes the best bits of the original show and makes them warmer, kinder, and even funnier.

It’s the sort of show you can watch over and over, because you even love the kind-of ‘bad’ characters. The entire box-set is available to stream via Sky On Demand.

planet earth

Planet Earth

This show is the perfect distraction from a stressful, annoying world. Who’s got time to worry about small politics, when there are amazing natural wonders to be seen, and explained in the MOST soothing narration possible? This is a fabulous show to watch right before you fall asleep. It’s available via Sky on Demand and Netflix.

bones box set


At first glance, you might not think a show about analysing dead bodies would count as self-care. But I find that watching old episodes of Bones is the perfect way to zone out. All the characters are fundamentally good types, and I find it one of the best TV shows for self-care right before I go to sleep.

It’s not always super accurate scientifically, but I find I can relate a lot to some of the characters and the the use of logic and reasoning is something that can help me focus my brain and get back to thinking more logically. I’ve also watched it enough that I know most of the episodes super well that even just listening can help, I don’t have to watch.”

Selected seasons of Bones are available via Sky Box Sets.

the mentalist self care tv

The Mentalist

It’s like Bones, but a bit more fuzzy. And – if it were possible – even less realistic. The complete box-set of The Mentalist is available via Sky Box Sets.

anti anxiety tv

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

My subscription to Hay U (home of 200+ reality shows) might have started with KUWTK, but RHOBH is where it paid for itself.

Every episode is drama-packed but these women are so ridiculously wealthy that you know they really don’t care if someone thinks they’re shallow, or two-faced. It’s like a glossy, warm bath. Perfect self-care for nosy people, like me.

Oh, and it’s always sunny in Beverly Hills. Watch RHOBH via Now TV or Amazon Prime with a Hay U subscription.

kimmy schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A friend once described this show as perfect hangover TV. I don’t really drink, so in my case it’s one of the BEST self-care TV shows. The show focuses on Kimmy, who’s been locked in a bunker by a religious maniac for 15 years. She emerges into the modern world the happiest, most optimistic person in the world. It’s hilarious and warm, and such an easy watch. If you’ve not seen it yet, add it to your list – it’s a joy! Streaming on Netflix. 


Let me know the best TV shows for self-care in the comments! 

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4 thoughts on “Best TV shows for Self-Care: Stress-Free Viewing Guaranteed!”

  1. Yes to Gilmore Girls (although you have to get over all that phoning whilst driving and you have to be realistic about the junk food with those skinny figures) and to Marie Kondo. Unfortunately there is only one series of six episodes on Netfilix atm and I watched them all in one nght.

  2. Trying to find another tv series to watch because game of thrones had ended :(. And how Breaking Bad did not get any mention here? Also The Mentalist Best is the serial here! Well written, good actors, and most importantly, it makes you think :).

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