Ferris said it best.

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I’m off to that there London tomorrow for some meetings then I’ve got a few days holiday before Flea starts school.

Perfect timing.

Certain minority factions in the Mummy blogging community have got their collective knickers in a twist and it’s all threats of legal action, people leaving communities, and people getting their feelings trampled all over left, right and centre. God, it’s like Mumsnet all over again.

It’s so easy to be offended by something on the Internet, isn’t it? To imagine slights where they don’t exist, to gather your virtual friends around you in a posse and destroy your virtual enemies. It's so easy to point out someone else's failings, to tell them where they're going wrong and you're going right (of course). It's so easy not to give someone the benefit of the doubt; not to assume their intentions were probably good at the time.

I think there’s a uniquely female characteristic that means some women need feuds like the rest of us need oxygen. I recently stopped working with a couple of women who had precisely this attitude – there was an “Enemies” folder on the computer, Google Searches to track the activities of anyone who annoyed them, and a big hand-written poster on the wall with FOAD written on in marker pen (look it up).

I just don’t understand the mentality. Why waste so much time and energy being offended by something that really? Doesn’t matter. How much free time do you have, woman? When you get to the pearly gates, will you be glad you spent those precious days hunting down your imagined enemies, or will you wish you’d spent a little more time with your children?

Like Ferris said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Have a great week. Can we try and be a bit more normal when I get back? That'd be great.

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