Flea’s 5 Tips for Big School

Image Flikr/ericjohnson So,
the world and his dog are busy writing random lists of how to get your
kids ready for big school. My favourite tip was this one: “A week before school starts, start getting into the routine
of getting up early, getting dressed & having breakfast.

Are you completely stark raving bonkers? My last week of not having to
get up at 7.30am for, ooh about 12 years, and I should get up early?
Voluntarily? Pah.

Flea’s starting school for the first time next term, and we’re totally gearing up for the
big day in our own special way. Here are our top tips for getting ready
for big school:

  1. Buy an iron. And an ironing board. I’ve manged 35 years without
    an iron or an ironing board, so it’s a sad day, but I admit defeat in
    the face of school shirts. I may rethink my whole school choice if I
    find a local school that puts kids in polo shirts, come to think of it.
  2. Calculate precisely what toys fit into your new school coat
    . Flea already knows that she can either take two burglars and a
    pteradactyl to school, OR the pteradactyl and the T-Rex. I definitely
    think this forward planning will avoid traumas on the big day.
  3. Plan your menu. Flea has discovered the school menu and has
    planned her first week’s lunches already. You may think I’m joking,
    here, but I’m not. Meatballs on Monday, roast lamb on tuesday,
    Wednesday is chicken pie, Thursday is shepherds pie and Friday is
    pizza, which she’s not keen on, but it’s better than jacket potatoes,
  4. Stitch name tags everywhere, especially on the blazer. A top tip
    from a fellow Mum – having spent the best part of 50 quid on a blazer,
    the last thing you want is for someone to nab it during playtime.
    Apparently, this happens all the time, then the Bad Mothers pick out
    the name labels. So – put name labels where they can’t easily be seen,
    including inside the pockets and a quarter of the way down the inside
    of the sleeve.
  5. Make the most of your last week of freedom. You’ve got your whole
    life to get up early and put on a uniform. This week is for lie-ins,
    running on the beach, staying up late and eating jelly dinosaurs until
    you feel sick (that’s just me, obviously)

Did we miss anything?

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