Is it Christmas? No. Simple.

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I've a feeling this post is going to become an annual event. 

Earlier tonight, I was driving home with Flea when I saw that two houses already had Christmas trees decorated and twinkling in the windows. 

This is WRONG. 

I know that sounds judgemental doesn't it? I apologise. But I don't take it back. It is NOT Christmas. It is advent, which is a period of preparation for Christmas with its own traditions and celebrations. 

And secretly, deep inside, you know I am right. You know it's not Christmas. It's really not. I mean, it's November, for goodness sake. How is November Christmas??  It's not. FACT. 

Certainly, retailers will try and convince us that Christmas starts in the middle of October, but that's just because they want to flog more mince pies and Quality Street, and they think if we start buying presents in September, we'll forget what we bought, panic, and buy more stuff. 

But if we let the retailers dictate when Christmas begins then we lose touch with what Christmas actually is – a specific, seasonal celebration that has its own meanings and traditions. I want Flea to understand that, and I am enraged when commercial organisations try to take away the very special joy that is anticipating a special event.

Our house Christmas decorations never go up more than a week before Christmas, and that marks the start of our festive preparations – buying gifts, choosing a tree, sending cards. We trim the tree on Christmas Eve, after we come back from the church crib service. All of these things are more special and more exciting for happening at the right time, and when we've been looking forward to them.

If you're ever unsure about when is the right time to put up your Christmas decorations, then I whole-heartedly recommend THIS website –

What do you think? When do you kick off the Christmas celebrations? 

Please do comment even if you don't agree with me. I will almost certainly tell you that you are WRONG but you can call me Scrooge, if you like. I can take it. Just don't say Merry Christmas or I might actually have an aneurism. 

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