Just call her Little Miss Helpful


Flea turned six a couple of months ago and top of her birthday wish list was a dictionary.

What can I say?

Flea loves words.

I’m reminded of this cute little quirk of hers on a regular basis. Like last night, I left her bedroom and whispered, “sleep well, baba.”

“I shall indeed!” came the hearty reply.  

The dictionary is used on a regular basis, and the upside is I’m no longer woken up at 1am because Flea has been reading in bed and wants to know what ‘concussed’ means (for the record, I think my answer of “It means you’re reading books that are too old for you,” didn’t go down that well).

The downside of the dictionary is that Flea now knows it ALL.  

Tonight we were driving home from school and discussing a trip we’re planning at the weekend for Flea and her best friend Zara.

“After our day out, Zara is sleeping in my room, and we have drawn lots of sleepover pictures and created some sleepover rules,” Flea told me, from the back of the car.

“Gosh, that sounds exciting. Sleepover rules!” I replied. “What are they?”

Well,” said Flea, in her very best patient voice. “They’re a series of words, put together into sentences, and they’re a bit like instructions.”

I suppose at least she’s trying to be helpful. 


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