Welcome to the Jungle

Since starting blogging, I’ve shared many intimate details of my life with you, my readers.

You’ve seen my mug shelves.

You’ve seen my kitchen cupboard.

You’ve seen my dining room shelves and toy storage.

As a result, I may have gained a reputation for being a tidy, orderly sort of person.

But I have a secret.

A shameful, shameful secret.

It’s my secret garden. Or as we refer to it in the family, "the jungle". 

You see, the thing is there just never seem to be enough hours in the week to tend to my garden.  And although I do sometimes plant stuff, it has this habit of dying on me, slowly, over a period of many months.  Except the plant I like to call “the ever-growing nettle of death” which appears to continue to grow at a rate of knots no matter how many times I try to murder it with chemicals and kitchen scissors.

We live in a very ‘tidy garden’ sort of town and I swear to God, my neighbours must think they’re living alongside the Clampetts when they walk past our house.

Anyway, seems the people at Bosch love a challenge as they offered to help me clear up my garden. Not with manual labour (sadly), but with technology. And plants.

Yep. We’ve been offered the chance to try out some nifty gardening tools, including some very cool electric secateurs and cordless hedge trimmers – plus the chance to order a whole lot of plants and shrubs from Best4Plants.

We’ll be sharing the results with you in two weeks time. I’d like to say ‘hold on to your hats’ but to be honest, I don't want to set unfair expectations.

Let's just say, "Wish me Luck!"

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