Little Moments: 2013

The passing of another year always makes us reflect, I think.

It’s natural to think about where we’ve been this year, what we’ve achieved, and where we want to go next.

For me, it’s great because reflecting reminds me that, while bits of 2013 involved a lot of hard work and late nights, and the odd frustration, the important stuff – well, that’s all here.

We’re all happy, healthy and financially stable. Flea is bursting at the seams with happy, and growing up into a person I’m proud to know. I’ve re-connected with one of my oldest friends and been lucky to spend time with some fantastic newer friends this year. And I work with a great team of people, who make me laugh when I’m in danger of taking life too seriously. What more could I need?

And as ever, the blog has helped me to capture some of the little moments; the ones that matter so much more than the big milestones and life events. We’ve had some amazing adventures this year, big AND small.

For us, 2013 was the year that:

  • Flea learned to ride her bike, without stabilisers, and was about as proud as a person can be without bursting
  • We both rode camels in the desert, swam in the Dead Sea, and gazed up at the ancient buildings of Petra
  • Flea swam 25 lengths of the pool without stopping, and learned to hit a baseball with a bat
  • After years of trying, Flea can now whistle. BIG achievement
  • Flea moved up to Cubs from Beavers and is revelling in her new role of “big girl”
  • Flea played a whole tune on her guitar without hitting a single wrong note. I didn’t.
  • Flea asked me if it was okay if she didn’t hold my hand in front of teenagers in case they think she’s “cute”

Those moments, and a few others, are the ones I want to remember from 2013.

Each year, I try and capture some of our favourite moments in a photo gallery – so here are a few of our favourite moments of 2013. Here’s hoping your year was filled with amazing moments, too.

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