Magical Moments of Parenting #101: Bedtime

I was just lowering the blind in Flea’s room last night after her bath and bedtime story, when Flea quietly says “Excuse me, Mummy…”

I look down on her, all snuggled up in her duvet, hair smelling of Johnson’s shampoo, clean and pink. She’s a little miracle, I think to myself. “Yes?

Mummy,  do you know who is my favourite person in the whole wide world?

Ah, I think, here comes a magic moment that will make it all worthwhile. “No darling, who is it?


Hmm. Doesn’t ring a bell. “Who?”

“Sam. He’s not in my class, but he’s in the other class and sometimes I play with him at playtime in the big playground. He had pie today for lunch but I had pasta with tomato sauce.

Now, if I was a smarter person, I’d have left it there. But oh no, I had to ask the question: “Who’s your favourite person after that?”

Erm….” Well, at least she’s thinking about it. “Grandad.”

After that?” Surely, I’ve got to come in third, at least.

I think it’s George, but I like Charlie, too. And sometimes Harry is my best friend. Can George come to tea?

Whatever.” Possibly I’m getting a bit tetchy by this point. “Okay, so who is your most favourite lovely person in the whole wide world that you love the most after Sam, George, Charlie, Harry and Granddad?”

She gives me a look. Pauses. Thinks. “Is it you?”

“It is, if you want breakfast tomorrow.”

“I love you, Mummy. Sleep well.

Well, we got there in the end, I suppose.

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