Me: Mummy Blogger and Media Maven*

I’ve been asked to write a column over at the new family and lifestyle website Super Savvy Me – presumably because everything about me screams both ‘super’ and ‘savvy’. My first column, about Flea starting school is online now.

The lovely Tara from Sticky Fingers is also blogging there – why not pop over and read her lovely column about Mummy bloggers? As I may have mentioned on Twitter, if I look a bit tipsy in the  photo byline, it’s just a bit of a smudge on the lens. Because I am a responsible parent. Obviously.

I note Tara remembered the old trick of “hold a small child in front of you and nobody will notice you”. How did I forget that one? Perhaps I’ll update my photo when I file my next column…

I’m also now blogging at Play and Stay, a website that offers special offers and information on all sorts of family-friendly attractions around the UK. Over the coming months, I hope I’ll be visiting and reviewing various destinations for the site but you can read my first column – Do you need an Adventure Bag? (I think you do) – already.

Finally, I’ve been interviewed by the lovely people over at Working Mums, all about the phenomenon that is British Mummy blogging.

We’ve also got some cracking reviews coming up over at The Great Toy Guide this week including rubber cars that are virtually unbreakable, some new Leapfrog toys to help early reading and writing, and what may in fact be the world’s best scooter for three year olds. Do pop over and see what we’re up to, and if you’d like to suggest a toy for our team to review, you can always email the Great Toy Guide Editor (erm, that’d be me).  

* the maven bit is almost definitely not true, but I didn't want to say "media whore' in a headline. Goodness knows what it might do to my Google traffic.

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