How was your Mother’s Day?

Mothers Day cosy sofa breakHow was your Mothers Day?

Mine was… very us.

Hockey at some ungodly hour of the morning, then home to squeeze an entire week’s worth of domestic chores into three hours, then a family Mothers Day get-together to celebrate all the mamas in the family.

I’m not going to lie.

By lunchtime I was tired, and feeling overworked and cranky. Why was nobody taking care of me and bringing me chocolate Hob Nobs? And then I had this conversation which I’m capturing here to help me remember another one of those magical moments of parenting:


Flea: Are you okay, Mum?

Me: I’m just a bit frustrated. It’s Mothers Day. But there’s all the laundry, then the dishwasher, and I need to sort the recycling, and…

Flea [taking me by the arm]: Sshh. Sshh now. It’s okay. Come with me. Come on.

[Flea guides me to the sofa, as if I am an elderly person she is helping to cross the road] 

Flea: Now sit down here. Sit down. That’s it. Here’s a cushion. Here’s a blanket. Lie down a bit.

[2 minutes later] 

Flea: I’ve made you a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Are you feeling better now?

Me: Yes, darling, thanks so much. I’m just a bit tired.


At this point (naturally) I congratulated myself on being such an amazing parent. Look at my little girl, stepping in to take over when I need a break. Bless.

Obviously, my warm, cosy smugness lasted all of two seconds. Right up until Flea grabbed the end of the blanket that was keeping my toes toasty and said,


Flea: Good. Please can you please move your legs a bit so I can sit down too?


So basically we watched telly and when we come home later, all the housework was still waiting for me.

Mothers Day. Magical, isn’t it? *tight little smile*


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