Magical Moments of Parenting #154

noise sensitivity in 4 year old

One of the weird lovely things about Flea is that she’s very sensitive to noise. She hates any sort of loud noise and still refuses to have anything to do with electric hand dryers, hair dryers, parties at soft play centres, parades or fairgrounds.

She’s also massively affected by music – she loves rock and indie, and can pick out different sorts of guitars on her favourite tracks. She is very sensitive to the mood of songs, too – play her virtually anything involving strings and she’ll have tears in her eyes in under 30 seconds.

Of course, being Flea, she pretends it’s that her eyes are itchy, but it’s cute to see how much she feels the emotion within music.

So today we were watching Karate Kid (don’t rush to follow our example, it’s shockingly bad) and there came a sad moment in the storyline, with a rush of strings on the soundtrack. I looked to my left and sure enough, Flea was rubbing her eyes, tears already glistening on her fat little cheeks. Bless her, my little sensitive monkey, I thought to myself.

A minute later, I felt a little warm hand reach for mine in the darkness. I smiled to myself in the darkness. She’s so sensitive and adorable, isn’t she?

Flea squished my hand in hers and lifted it to her cheek. Then she wiped her face on it.

“My nose is running,” she whispered.


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