New Tots100 Badges for Parent Bloggers

As you know,
the Tots100 index of Mummy and Daddy blogs has a new sponsor,

One of the benefits has been to have brand new badges that replace the original badges that I made. Yes, I made them, and no, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know I scored a grade ‘F’ in GCSE Art. 

If you would like, you can use the form below to generate your very own, personalised Tots100 badge that will update each month to show your ranking – I’m modelling this badge in my own sidebar over there. Pretty, isn’t it?

These badges are available for everyone who has submitted their blog to the index, not just those ranked in this month’s top 100. However, if you’ve only just submitted your blog, your personalised badge won’t be available until next month.

To get your personalised badge, just use the drop down menu to select your blog from the list, copy the code generated, and paste it into your sidebar, as you would for a normal badge.

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