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Are you thinking about trying period pants for your teen daughter? Fancy saving some money to boot? Read on!

Having periods as a teenager can be a total pain. Talking about periods with your mother is potentially even worse.

If you’re not feeling moody or struggling with cramps, you’re feeling self-conscious about leaking, or everyone knowing that you’re going to the loo to change your pad or tampon.

That’s exactly why I’ve been looking at period pants for teens for a year or two, now.

But I had some reservations – are they available in the UK? If they are, will they REALLY not leak at the wrong moment? Will Flea need to change them in the middle of the day? Are they comfortable to wear under school uniform? (Flea’s school requires the girls to wear tights). Can I wash them easily?

I was thrilled when Modibodi UK got in touch and asked us to try the new Modibodi Red range. This range of period pants for teens is made with younger customers in mind. The styling is more youthful, and the sizing is a little smaller than the adult range. They also sent along a couple of pairs for me to try, at the same time.

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So how did we get on with Modibodi period pants?


Our Modibodi Period Pants Review

We received five pairs of Modibodi Period pants for teens to review including 3 pairs from the Red range, and two from the regular adult range.

Flea – as the world’s pickiest teen – was immediately drawn to the boy short style from the Red range, but said all the designs were acceptable to her. She wasn’t lying. She got her period before me and immediately claimed ALL the period pants in the household.

I had to buy another pair so that I could try them for myself!

First Impressions

modibodi review uk

My first impression for this Mobodi review is that the pants feel a tiny bit thicker than regular pants, but only like good quality underwear. The difference between regular and Modibodi period pants is that these have a noticeably thicker black lining inside the gusset. The lining is the special lining that allows the pants to absorb pee and period blood. It’s 3mm thick and includes three layers. The top layer wicks away moisture, keeping you feeling dry and smelling fresh. The middle layer absorbs fluid (up to 20ml) while the bottom layer provides extra waterproof protection, just in case.

It’s hard to imagine what 20ml of fluid is, so for context a typical tampon or pad can absorb up to 5ml of fluid, so Modibodi period pants easily absorb the same or more fluid as two comparable sanitary products.

Rather than go into far too much detail about our experiences with Modibodi, I thought I’d share our review of period pants for teens based on the questions that friends and family have asked us about Modibodi. So here goes:

Do They Leak?

The first question anyone asks when I mention Modibodi is whether they leak! As someone who has been having periods for close to 30 years now, I know the heart-sinking feeling of realising that your protection has let you down and you need to find a bathroom (and a change of clothes) urgently.

Flea recently did a CCF day at school which involved going to an army base and doing exercises all day in hot, uncomfortable kit. She got her period unexpectedly – and army bathrooms don’t have sanitary product machines, it turns out. She was totally stuck and by the time she got home was stressed, miserable and embarrassed.

In three months of using Modibodi, Flea hasn’t experienced a single leak. She wears one pair of pants during the day, and another at night. Even if she sleeps in, the Modibodi can handle her period overnight.

Each morning, she rinses the pants in cold water, before throwing them in the wash. You can wash Modibodi pants on a cold machine wash, and then it’s best to line-dry them if you can.

You can use period pants as a back-up to other sanitary products, but it’s perfectly fine to rely just on period pants.

Are Period Pants Good for Heavy Flow?

I now have my own pair of period pants from Modibodi, and can confirm that they don’t leak. I found that after having Flea my periods become much more unpredictable – some days very light flow, the next day something out of Carrie. And so on. Period pants are therefore PERFECT for me, because I know I’m covered regardless of what my body decides it’s going to gift me with on any particular day.

You can choose different weights of period pants on the Modibodi website, so there’s a light option and a moderate option, which is designed for days with heavier flow. For me, there’s little difference between the two in feel and appearance, so I’d go for the moderate style, just for the reassurance in case of unexpected events!

Are Modibodi True to Size?

The sizing of the Modibodi teen period pants range is different for the Red (youth) and regular (adult) sizing.

The Red range comes in sizes 8-10/10-12/12-14/14-16. They seem pretty true to size, and it’s recommended that you wear period pants that feel (just a little) snug rather than being loose. The adult sizing is a little bigger so if you’re choosing that style for a younger teen, I’d size down one size, personally. But all the measurements are on the site, so you can double check before buying. Which brings me to…

Are Period Pants Expensive?

Yes. Period pants are quite expensive. But they are also great value.

At the moment, you can get a pair of Modibodi period pants for about £19, and a bundle of 7 pairs for £123, which works out at £17 per pair, give or take a few pence.

Assuming a typical pair of knickers costs about £2, this is quite a lot of cash to splash. But is it really? 

Each month we buy a box of tampons that costs £3. I also spend about the same again on pads. Over a year, then, we spend in the region of £72 on period protection. But that’s not all. At least twice a year I need to replace bed sheets because my body has betrayed me in the night. Not to mention replacing underwear that has been sacrificed to the menstruation gods.

Each pair of Modibodi pants is predicted to last for between 6 months and 2 years, so if you buy one or two pairs, they will easily pay themselves within a year.

modibodi red review

Are Modibodi Period Pants Suitable for a First Period?

I’d say that our review showed us that Modibodi Red period pants are ideal for teens and girls from their first period. They feel pretty much like regular underwear once you’re wearing them. They give young girls reassurance and confidence that they’re not going to have an embarrassing period moment in public, and they are perfect for wearing overnight.

100% recommended!

Are Period Pants Better for the Environment?

Common sense says these pants are better for the environment than disposable products that typically come wrapped in plastic, and wind up in the bin. Yes, they do need washing, but they’re recommended to be washed in cold water and line-dried, meaning minimal environmental impact.

Modibodi Period Pants Review: What did we think?

Having tried Modibodi for three months, we are total converts to the benefits of period pants.

Yes they’re cheaper and yes, they’re more eco-friendly. But seriously –  it’s the freedom that will sell you on these period pants. Flea loves the idea of knowing that she can leave for school and no matter what happens, she’s covered. No leaks, no emergency bathroom runs, no potential of annoying marks on her favourite clothes.

If you’re older and have unpredictable flow, like me, then period pants are also a great option, and your bed linens will thank for making the switch.

Find out more about the Modibodi range here.