Maybe it’s the changing seasons.

The lack of light; short days, which start and end in darkness.

Maybe it’s the fact we’ve not had a working bath or shower for four weeks, now.

Maybe it’s because I can’t remember having had a proper, actual night out in months.

Maybe it’s because I’m bickering with one of my best friends, and I hate it, hate it, hate it.

Maybe it’s the 5 injections I had this week, which left me with sore arms and a dizzy head.

Maybe it’s the guy who asked how old I was, then said, “God, I can’t believe how old you are.” 

Maybe it’s because work’s so busy this time of year, trying to get stuff done before Christmas.

But all in all, I’m feeling a bit… meh.


So today I’m telling myself that I do actually believe most people are as happy as they choose to be, and it’s up to me to remind myself that I’m actually pretty happy, if I stop to think about it.

Amazon boycott

(I’m also telling myself this is a ridiculously self-absorbed, narcissistic blog post that nobody needs to read, but I’m ignoring that particular inner voice)

So, it’s time for Operation Cheer the Feck Up.

And that means doing things that make me happy. Here are my five favourites, and I’m going to try and squish as many of them into the next week as I possibly can. I’d love to hear how you keep your spirits up in the Winter, though – is it just me that’s struggling to see the fun at the moment?

Get Outdoors:

Everything, but everything is better when we’re out in the open, with space and light, and the sea. So this weekend, we’ve cancelled our previous plans and I’m planning an excursion for us, instead.



Seeing Friends:

I’m looking forward to seeing some of my best blogging buds next week for dinner. A good gossip and a few rounds of Pictionary are always good for the soul.



box set Immersion:

I’ve bought the complete Gilmore Girls on iTunes so I can go and snuggle in bed and watch back-to-back episodes on the iPad.



Inventing new games:

This is Flea playing ‘How many Marshmallows can you balance on your face’. Who needs an X-Box when you can entertain yourself like this?




I forget far too often, but putting children in stupid outfits and then making them lie on you is literally the Happiest Thing in the World.



(Oh, and if you’re not feeling the mojo, do check out this post on Lulastic that I read last night – it’s gorgeous)