What I Did This Weekend

Toy Story This weekend, we were invited to a
preview screening of Toy Story 3 by Disney Interactive. Flea adores Toy Story –
the moment in the first film where the toys come to life almost blew her socks
off. So the opportunity for a sneak peek at the movie was just too good to pass up.

Toy Story 3 is just as funny and warm as it was 15 years ago.
There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments – unlike the new Shrek film, which is tedious, slow and hugely disappointing.

The introduction of Ken as Barbie’s new beau was hilarious – I laughed out loud when they both say, simultaneously: “It’s like we were … made for each other.” And Buzz’s Spanish interlude is genuinely witty.

My one observation is that this is probably a film adults will
love more than their kids. After all, how many kids’ films include subtitled
sequences AND references to Hayao Miyazaki?

The film has some genuinely touching things to say about
growing up and moving on, and not forgetting those you love, and leave behind.
I defy anyone not to shed a tear during the climactic scene, where the toys
find themselves heading to the fiery abyss of the incinerator.  And the final scene, where the toys actually
do move on, had every adult in the room in floods of tears – although most of
the kids were blissfully unaware.

I came out of the film an emotional wreck, and feeling like I wanted to cherish every day with Flea while she’s young enough to appreciate it.


Flea and me

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