What I’m Doing Now


I’ve been tagged by Lindy to tell you what I’m doing.

Ready to be amazed?


Well, move along then, sister, because I’m doing mostly nothing.

I am SO ready for the summer holidays.

But because I’m nothing if not obedient, here goes:

Currently I am:

Reading: If I Stay. Because I’m a sucker for a bit of low-attention-needed-YA-fiction. Yes, it’s an Amazon link but I stopped shopping at Amazon at the start of the year, and recommend you consider buying the book from a local bookstore if you do buy it. Which you should. It’s a pretty good read.

Listening to: A Christmas song recorded by McFly. Such things happen when you leave iTunes on random.

Laughing at: My best friend, because he just told me, “Stay Gold, Ponyboy“, and it always makes me laugh. And these engagement photos, inspired by The Notebook. Who has engagement photos, anyway? And are we supposed to think she just finished that painting? Bonkers. I love the world. I really do.

Swooning over: Kristoffer Polaha. I’m catching up with box sets on Netflix and had no idea he was in Ringers. Oh, you don’t know who he is? Here you go. You’re most welcome.

kris polaha

Planning: A new car, and trying to choose between Nissan, Volvo and Jeep. Nobody tell my Dad or he’ll bury me in Which? reports on reliability.

Eating lots of: Fruit. Someone put the cherries on my desk. It would be rude to say no.

Feeling: Tired. I stayed up too late last night watching Netflix and had to get up early today for an appointment.

Discovering: Lots of little towns with cool names on the maps we’ve got spread out on the floor today. Who wouldn’t want to visit Bear Creek?

Looking at: This video about throwing a Moon Party for your daughter on the occasion of her first period. Evil, evil genius.

Wearing: Black t-shirt, jeans, red Converse. It’s basically a uniform for Mums who aren’t quite old enough yet to wear twin-sets and floral dresses with a jaunty scarf to do the school run but are far too old to wear “fashion” without embarrassing themselves.

Cooking: I’ve made chicken burgers ready to cook tonight with a green salad and chilli sauce. Am trying to do more home cooking at the moment, with mixed results.

Wondering: Why it’s been quiet upstairs for almost half an hour.

Trying Out: The new Roku that I got sent but the wretched thing doesn’t work. Ah well, I love Apple TV anyway.


And because it’s a meme, I am going to tag some lovely bloggers, who all deserve to be on your reading list:

(please come back and comment with a link when you’ve done the meme, ladies!)

11 thoughts on “What I’m Doing Now”

  1. I’ll fight you for Kristoffer – and thanks for the introduction! Can’t say this post has helped one bit with my Blood A&P and Pathology revision but regardless I’ve enjoyed the little insight into your day and it goes some way to support the separation anxiety I suffer since leaving TAS. And it sounds like only a Jeep was made for Bear Creek…

  2. Loved the moon vid when I saw it via a FB post – showed it to my childless friends who just didn’t get it. Me? I nearly wept with laughter- this is what having daughters brings you to.

    The engagement pics – um, er well we had some done but only as our wedding photographer did it as a freebie and I look back at them with horror (think massive hair and the two of us taking a stroll in the woods kicking up some Autumn leaves – yes, that embarrassing) especially since we didn’t buy many and a huge mounted frame of us is hung in a nearby dentist, showcasing our photographers work!!!!!! Utterly humiliating. That said, a few of that couple’s pics are nice, but in the rest its all about her and he clearly isn’t up for it. Hurrumph.

  3. What I want to know is are you wearing those stripy tight too? Have you read Wonder? The fault in our stars? Both amazing YA/Adult books reckon fleas would like wonder too Frankie adored it too tis amazing! Bear creek sounds perfect.

  4. Those engagement photos brightened my evening. Absolutely hilarious, I’m looking forward to the emergence of divorce photo’s featuring old fashioned weaponry props.

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