You can’t blame a girl for trying…

On Saturday morning the postman brought me a lovely surprise. It was a letter from my darling daughter, which she'd sent to me on Friday when her class took a walk to the local postbox. It's a pretty cute letter and Flea was hopping up and down as I read… View Post


Flea’s growing up. It’s rather inconvenient, not least because we had to trawl into the school uniform shop today when I realised she couldn’t bend over in her school pinafore without showing the world her Buzz Lightyear underpants. On weekdays, the school uniform shop always has a queue of parents… View Post

Flea’s 5 Tips for Big School

So, the world and his dog are busy writing random lists of how to get your kids ready for big school. My favourite tip was this one: "A week before school starts, start getting into the routine of getting up early, getting dressed & having breakfast." Are you completely stark… View Post